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From out of the Wild West these true incidents ride out of Slab City into your hands. They represent our daily outlaw life at one of the greatest tourist attractions in California, alongside Disneyland, Sea World, and the Wild Animal Park.

The San Andreas Fault ends at Slab City, CA. The fruits and nuts of America roll here. Only the outlaws land upright. Slab City is popularly known for freedom, Salvation Mountain, and sunshine. But an underworld supports it.



 Book Table of Contents.
1. How to Move to Slab City  2. Three Keys to a Life of Riley 3. Today’s Hooverville 4. Strong Arm Tactics 5. How Fights Start and Escalate 6. The Road Kid and Bounty Hunter 7. Slab City Poker 8. Ann Landers of Slab City 9. Inside the Executioner’s Coat 10. Slab is Media Heaven 11. Lord of the Flies and Slab City 12. Hoboettes on an Astral Train 13. Rags to Riches in Slab City 14. Back Track the Border Patrol 15. Dumbing Down Deputies 16. Slab City Ambulance Con 17. New Year’s Day at Slabs 18. 150 stories in all!
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